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I was living a simple life until Logan Archer showed up on the high school’s parking lot to help me. Beyond the fact that he was THE popular guy in our school and managed to fix my car in no time, which actually seemed quite magical to me, I have to admit he was also quite mysterious. And in a handsome way at that, but then that was just a detail. He was always hanging out with his three friends: Eter, quiet as a grave, Emriel and Sierra, who were as adorable as they were talented. These four were actually shining a thousand lights, more than any vampire in full sunlight.

They were Alters, supernatural beings with magical powers, living discreetly amongst humans. Which I had learned about almost without meaning to. Perhaps my mom, who had used to work for the FBI, had told me about the Alters’ existence. And perhaps I had done my best to stay away from Logan, but then he had seemed really determined to mess up my entire life.

Oh, with the best of intentions, naturally.

Until it all got out of hand.

Volume 1 : Alters

Volume 2 : coming in 2020

Volume 3 : coming in 2020

Last modified: 10 August 2020

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